Python/ R data science bootcamp

Learn how to implement data visualisations, data analytics and machine learning with the most popular data science programming languages

.01 Description

Learn the fundamentals of crunching, analyzing and extracting value from data in Python or R.

.02 What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Python/R as a programming language for data science
  • Fundamentals of extracting, manipulating and transforming data
  • Data preparation and visualisation
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Creation of AI systems with machine learning

.03 This yourse is for you if...

  • You want to boost your career by pivoting towards data science by acquiring the basics about the most widely used data science programming languages

.04 Requirements

Basic knowledge of statistics and probability theory

.05 Form

Online or on-site (recommended)


Michael Gramlich

Data Scientist | Instructor | Author

Data scientist with four years experience consulting for +30 multinational companies, SMEs, universities and international organizations.