Hi, I’m Michael

Data Scientist | Instructor | Author

once upon a time…

… don’t worry, I’m a fan of conciseness and structure, so I will keep it short:

I am a freelance data scientist and No. 1 Amazon bestselling author. I help organizations find their way through the buzzword jungle of data, analytics and AI.

About me in 45sec

Name: Michael Gramlich
Title: Freelance data scientist, instructor and No. 1 Amazon bestselling author
Mission: I help organizations and individuals find their way through the buzzword jungle of data, analytics and AI.
My why:

When I pivoted my career towards data science, I was super lost being confronted with buzzwords such as big data, NoSQL, or unsupervised machine learning. It took me a few months working as data scientist, until I was able to put all the pieces of the “Data-and-AI-puzzle” together.

Back then, I wish there had been a book/ course/ person that is able to provide me with the big picture and explains these things in a simple way. There wasn’t. Today, I am helping individuals and organizations save time finding their way through the data and AI galaxy by providing this big picture.

My how:

Services: I offer various off-the-shelf services such as trainings, webinars and workshops. Knowing that every organization and problem is unique, I also offer customized 1-on-1 consultations. Read more

Products: I co-authored the No. 1 Amazon bestseller “The Ultimate Data and AI Guide”, and I am currently working on online courses – so connect with me on LinkedIn and stay tuned!

Experience: I have been working as a data scientist for more than four years: From 2016 to 2018 I worked for AT GmbH – the first and leading data and AI consultancy in Germany – and since 2018 I am working as a freelance data scientist. Throughout my career I have consulted for and worked with multinational corporations, universities and international organizations such as UNICEF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

I usually work location independent (i.e. online). So while I am based in Germany I often spend time elsewhere. If you want to work with me and require on-site presence, this can be arranged, especially for workshops and trainings. Just reach out to me and we can talk about it.

I'm a head hunter looking for a data scientist - when are you free for a call?

Thank you, but I’m not interested in being recruited for these vacancies.

What does a data scientist do?

Good question! In general, a data scientist tries to create value from data. This could for instance be by collecting, visualizing, transforming or analyzing it. The latter often involves machine learning methods that are employed to create AI systems.

However, data science is an extremely wide field and so the job role “data scientist” is somewhat inflated and can mean many things. This is why right now, there is a trend to differentiate the job roles of a data scientist more specifically, e.g. “machine learning engineer”. This is a bit like saying someone is a neurologist instead of saying they are a doctor.

How much do you charge?

Depends. I adjust my prices depending on my clients profile. For example, I charge less for organizations with a social or environmental endeavor. You can always schedule a (free) call with me to discuss your problem and I will happily create a quotation for you.

I need a software engineer to develop an app for me - can you do that?

No, I am data scientist. So while I know principles of software engineering, I am not a full-fledged software engineer with a CS degree.

Where can I buy your book?

The book “The Ultimate Data and AI Guide” is available worldwide on Amazon. Just note that there are various Amazon marketplaces (.de, .com, .fr etc.), so make sure to visit the right one. This is the link to the book on Amazon.de.

What did you study?

Quite a few things. I hold a BA degree in liberal arts and sciences from the University College Maastricht, during which I focused on political science and philosophy.

I also hold an MA in Economics from the Graduate Institute Geneva, during which I focused on behavioral economics and econometrics (=statistics applied to economic data). This statistical knowledge helped me pivot towards data science and machine learning. However, there was a lot more to learn about computer sciene and programming, which I did through many online courses.

Can you give a training in German, French or Spanish?

Yes. I completed my studies in German, English, Spanish and French. So while I feel most comfortable in English, I have working proficiency in German, Spanish and French (though it’s a little rusty and I would need a bit longer to prepare). I could also give a training in Indonesian (conversational level), but that would probably turn out either very long, very funny or both.

Got more questions? Just…