Implementing machine learning projects

Learn how to implement machine learning projets to create AI systems.

.01 Description

Learn how machine learning projects to create data products and AI systems are implemented.

.02 What you'll learn

  • What is machine learning (ML) and how is it used to create AI systems?
  • What is currently possible with ML and how can you harness it in your copmany/ department/ team
  • How does ML work, what different types of ML are there and why is it so powerful?
  • What tools are there to implement ML projects are there?
  • How should a ML project be managed?
  • What are hands-on tips from the trench when implementing a machine learning project?

.03 This yourse is for you if...

  • You and your team want to start implementing machine learning projects (or other data use cases), but have no previous experience
  • Want to gain a solid understanding of the machine learning process, e.g. to manage such projects in the future

.04 Requirements

No previous knowledge required, though a quantiative background helps.

.05 Form

Both online and on-site (recommended).

.06 Duration

3 days


Michael Gramlich

Data Scientist | Instructor | Author

Data scientist with four years experience consulting for +30 multinational companies, SMEs, universities and international organizations.