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I have trained hundreds of professionals in the corporate, university and public sector. Join them on the fast lane and kickstart your skills with one of my trainings.


Intro to (big) data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Gain an overview of the most notorious buzzwords, how they relate and what is currently possible with data analytics and AI.

1 day


Implementing machine learning projects

Learn how machine learning projects to create data products and AI systems are implemented.

3 days


Python/ R bootcamp

Learn the fundamentals of crunching, analyzing and extracting value from data with the most popular data science programming languages

3 days


Building interactive data visualisations with Tableau/ Qlik/ PowerBI

Data visualisations in the form of interactive dashboards are one of the most powerful ways to harness your data – in this training you’ll learn how to do just that.

2 days

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