Data strategy workshop

Do the first step to harness your data by creating a data strategy – in just one day.

A data strategy is the cornerstone to remain competitive in a digitally transforming world.


What is a data strategy?


A data strategy is a roadmap giving guidance to the following question:

Where and how can you harness data in your organisation to achieve your goals?

Why do I need a data strategy?


Digital transformation is changing the rules of the game in every business sector. With an increased availability and possibilities that data-driven technologies offer, data has become the key driver behind digital transformation. So, if you don’t develop a strategy how you will use data, you will likely decrease your competitiveness.

How can I create a data strategy?


You will need to identify how you can leverage your data to achieve your business goals.

This is what we do in my one-day data strategy workshop.

What do we do during a data strategy workshop and what’s the result?


In my one-day data strategy workshop we will walk through 5 different phases: stimulus, ideation, clustering, definition and prioritisation. By the end of the day, you will have the following deliverables:


  • A list of typically 30 – 80 data use cases (=problems or situations where you can use data to achieve your goal, e.g. “Use sales data to create an automated sales prediction algorithm”)
  • A prioritasation of these data use cases with an impact-value matrix
.01 Stimulate

I will show you the possibilites of data analytics, machine learning and AI.

.02 Ideate

Identify as many data use cases as possible.

.03 Cluster

Cluster the identified data use cases into thematic areas (e.g. marketing).

.04 Define

Drill down on identified use cases and assess their value and feasibility. 

.05 Prioritise

Select most relevant use cases and use these as the base to formulate your data strategy.

.06 Implement

Congrats, you have developed your data strategy! Now you “just” need to implement it. Need help?