Data scientist job interviews

Are you planning to hire data professionals but don’t know how to assess their technical skills?

Don’t buy the pig in a poke

I assess the technical skills of your applicants

You might be among the companies who seek to hire data professionals (e.g. data scientists, machine learning engineers, data engineers) pivoting your business towards data science, machine learning and AI. Great!

But if you don’t have any data professionals on your team yet, then who will assess your applicants’ technical skills?

I can do just that.

As your sparring partner during your job interviews, I will take care of gauging the technical skills of your applicants, so that you can focus on the applicants’ soft skill aptitude for the job.

Conducting interview questions, tests and (group) case studies, I will provide you with an assessment with regards to the applicants’

  • tool proficiency
  • methodological proficiency
  • problem solving skills

Just shoot me an email to learn more.