Data use case implementation

Already have data and want to implement a use case? I will gladly support you.

Flexible and versatile

I’ll get the job data use case done

So, you have a data use case that you would like to implement already. Now you just need someone to implement it or support your data science team? Great!

I have had my boots on the ground and implemented many data use cases during my career. These ranged from simple descriptive analytics use cases and statistical analyses to complex machine learning projects.

Drawing on my experience, I can support you along your entire project life cycle, e.g. during data preparation, analytics and machine learning.

I am proficient in various tools and languages (e.g. Python, SQL, R, Spark) as well as methodologies (e.g. machine learning, deep learning, times series analysis). Want a full list of my skills? No problem, just shoot me an email to request my CV.