The Ultimate Data and AI Guide

The No. 1 Amazon bestseller that has helped hundreds find their way through the data and AI galaxy.

The No. 1 Amazon Bestseller

The Ultimate data and AI Guide

This is my “why”: I pivoted towards data science in 2016. I was determined to become a data scientist and had a solid math and statistics background.

However, upon entering the data and AI galaxy, I found myself lost among buzzwords such as deep learning, data architectures, and non-relational databases.

It took me months working as data scientist to be able to puzzle all of these pieces together. I wish there would have been a resource that provides me with the big picture of all of these concepts. There wasn’t.

That’s why in 2019 together with Alexander Thamm and Dr. Alexander Borek we decided to condense our knowledge and experience from 500+ implemented data projects into one single book.

Thus was born “The Ultimate Data and AI Guide – 150 FAQs about data, machine learning and AI”. This book provides you with a solid understanding and overview of the most important buzzwords around data, machine learning and AI.

Within the first week after publication in March 2020, the book became the No. 1 bestseller in the category “Artificial Intelligence” on

So if you are still looking for a guide for your trip through the data and AI galaxy, check out the book on